vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager

Rent-A-Center has over five thousand servers that mainly work as great means to support all of the related stores and Rent-A-Center runs its 80% of set-up on VMware which incorporated to help you with virtualization and providing cloud computing software. VMware is a machine, a system which is providing you services you need the most. VCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager is a part of this machine but its features (with latest update) now enhanced.
Hybrid Cloud Plateform

What is vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud?

A lot of clouds in one sentence but yes this advancement by VMware is worth describing specially about its new update. This hybrid cloud manager makes it a stress-free job tomigrate/transfer all of the applications to your public cloud, and it has proven its worth by providing your network a true hybrid and secure environment.
Cloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager is everybody’s favorite for reason, first it is free to download and install by anyone who is a user of vSphere Web Client. To make more sense it is a mixture of several features into an user-friendly solution for managing workloads in vCloud Air from the vSphere Web Client.

What Hybrid Cloud Manager Does

What is vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud

This manager only supports vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud, but according to developers it will be available for all kinds of other services related to hybrid solutions. Most latest and brand new features addition is becoming the topic of subjects on many forms.
Following are some features described:
Hybrid Cloud features

  • Easy Workload Migration:
VCloud Air Hybrid Cloud uses replication based immigration of workloads to the cloud with very low minimum point.
  • Very Fast Application Migration:
Application migrations process is fast and it takes no time with the latest software-defined WAN acceleration.
  • Latest Hybrid Layer 2 VPN:
It contains uncountable amount of L2 network sectors to the cloud over only one WAN connection, which also let the new hybrid applications and portable workloads with constant IP and other addresses.
  • Quickly Simplifies Network Integration at great deal:
Managing and working on premise with vCloud Air network as a sole network, with steady IP and other addresses.
  • Seamlessly Extends Your Data Center:
Last but not the least in fact the most important point is that this manager uses Cloud Manager to cover work center connectivity to vCloud Air with a great ease. It is simple and it saves time, you don’t have to manipulate numerous tools, interfaces, and APIs.

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